Podcast Launch! The BS We Feed Ourselves out now

In this #hustlehard world, how you doing?

You tell yourself the aches and pains are normal. That lack of sleep and stress are the cost of entry to be successful. Continue to choose convenience over health. Stay in relationships because you rationalize that it's you, not them. You lean in harder.

You accept it when doctors tell you there’s nothing wrong, or it’s all in your head, and get pushed into treating the symptoms, not the cause.

But why?

Why do otherwise intelligent, problem-solving people let this happen? And more importantly, how do we break this cycle so we can find answers and start feeling better? This is the podcast that uncovers all that, and more.


Hi, I'm Shawna

I'll admit it: I'm a former stress-junkie who turned perfectionism and self-loathing into a full-time, full-blown disease. But not immediately, no. There was a long road of symptoms and signs that I ignored and my doctors overlooked. I gave up a business I co-built from the ground up to get back my health, happiness, and family.

It's now my mission to reach out to other A-type, high-functioning, overachievers who are taking life by the horns and help them find some inner peace, offer much-needed tools and to stop them before they hit burn out.

The BS We Feed Ourselves Podcast


Every moment of every day, we’re making ourselves sick. We choose convenience over health. We feed ourselves insecurity, let others’ opinions run our lives, accept pain and suffering just because some doctor doesn’t have the right answers. And we justify it all with an endless stream of BS we tell ourselves.

This needs to stop.

Because once we get out of our own way, that’s when real wellness begins.


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