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This definitely took me on an unexpected ride. The topic peeked my interest but as the show moved forward it continued to delve deeper and cause me to delve deeper into myself and ask some questions that I did not even think to ask. The way the host interviews is really effortless and allows for the guest to flow and does not hold them steadfast. I truly enjoyed the show and can’t wait for the next!

MS with Dr. Gretchen

As a personal trainer with clients that have MS I truly found this particular podcast energizing and informative. I now have more information to share with my clients to help when with their journey.

The podcast I’ve been waiting for!

Self-diagnosing digestive issues years ago, I have been looking for a source of varied information on a range of health topics that delivers answers on how to fix them. I don’t just want to learn about digestion — muscular, vascular, and respiratory issues follow similar patterns so let’s focus on whole body, whole mind. The host does an amazing job of approaching what can sometimes be “woo woo” topics from a pragmatic perspective to deliver real content for everyone (not just those who only focus on western medicine or those who want to heal themselves through their chakras). Plus, you get awesome entrepreneurial and business insights along the way. Stellar show — five stars!

Life-saving insight

Shawna is the best person to give voice to our need to pay attention to our bodies and prioritize our health. Her experience, so vulnerably shared with the world in this podcast, makes me yell “Me too!” As I listen alone in my car. Her episodes are a mix of interviews with experts who help point the way to solutions, and experience and advice from her own life. I find the latter to be the most compelling and I hope future episodes bring more.

The struggle is real!!!

Shawna knows that everyone has their own struggle. The guests are very unique and insightful. I am definitely intrigued on what topic she will discover next that will open more insights to our strange and complex lives.

Interesting and Informative

A wonderfully insightful and informative podcasts on nutrition. Shawn is incredibly authentic and she brings on great speakers. This podcast has been making my commute much more enjoyable.

Great guests and interviewer

The stories on this podcast are incredible and authentic. It really makes you think about your own wellness journey and how to flourish. I was amazed by how openly the guests talked about their lives. Super smart, talented people talking about life in all it’s beauty and struggle. Great show.

Feed on this podcast goodness

If you’re a Type A go-getter who’s starting to grapple with some unusual health issues or just feeling burnt out, give this podcast a listen. Shawna connects seemingly disparate dots between issues regarding health, working style and drive, and the internal thoughts and external foods we feed ourselves. These elements can nourish us or tear us down. Her knowledge is borne out of her own journey with, and recovery of, her health. Lastly, her authenticity, curiosity, and search for insights are a delight to listen to for anyone of like mind.

Eye opening

There’s a lot of deception and salesmanship out there. I love that this podcast digs down past the BS with no agenda but to find what makes life healthier and happier.

It’s the light at the end of the tunnel!

This podcast came at me at the right time. I felt tired, overworked and just broken. After hearing the stories and advice from Shawna and her guests I began to have hope. It answered so many questions that I had about my own health issues. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.


I listened to all episodes back to back, great job Shawna and appreciate you and your guests sharing such great information. Kudos to all for taking your life’s experience and turning it into helpful and informative ways to help people who suffer from what doctors and the healthcare industry do not want to admit, that our food has become the catalyst for the majority of our illnesses. Looking forward to hearing more.


I appreciate the way the information is delivered in a open space and real life scenerios. Great speakers so far. Can’t wait for the next episode.

Very authentic!!!

I have been obsessed with listening to this podcast, so much so that I listened to all the episodes back to back. So much great information that I never heard before and super real. I'm so glad to have found it!

Listen now!!

Best way to spend some time focusing on what matters - your health.

The BS we feed ourselves

Your podcast was awesome! Congratulations! I’m excited to know you are going to help so many people. They won’t have to go through everything you did

Fascinating and Informative

Shawna tells it like it is, and shines a lite on a little-known epidemic!