Drink your greens for breakfast!

Drink your greens for breakfast with this forgiving smoothie! Out of an ingredient? Don's sweat it. Swap and switch things around as you see fit. My only suggestion is to keep to the more neutral lettuces like butter, romaine, iceberg, bibb, oak, and green lettuces. These lettuces add fiber and water content while letting the other flavors shine through. Anything with a more prominent or bitter taste (looking at you, kale) is very apparent, and frankly a turn-off.

Green smoothies shouldn't be torturous or a chore. I find this one helps bridge the gap into full-on veggie-land smoothies by offering a little savory with the sweet.

This green smoothie, despite all of its veggies, has a sweet and mild flavor thanks to tart kiwi and apple. If you take my suggestion and add a beet or sweet potato, there's enough nutrition to keep you sustained for half the day. Perfect smoothie for a fast.

Full of fiber, and nutrient-dense (meaning, full of good-for-you nutrients!), and yummy, this is my go-to smoothie in the morning.

Romaine Celery Kiwi Apple 🍏 Cucumber Ginger Lemon Coconut cream Water