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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Aches, pains, fatigue, gut bloat, weight gain, exhaustion. It's the price of getting older and #hustlinghard...or is it? 


The BS We Feed Ourselves


Every moment of every day, we’re making ourselves sick. We feed ourselves insecurity, letting others’ opinions run our lives. We choose convenience over health. We accept pain and suffering just because some doctor doesn’t have the right answers. And we justify it all with an endless stream of BS we feed ourselves.

This needs to stop.

Because once we get out of our own way, that’s when real wellness begins.


Fatigue, aches, pains, joint stiffness, trouble breathing, heart palpitations, sleeplessness, thinning hair, digestive issues, skin rashes, brain fog, depression

Autoimmune issues are tricky to pinpoint as these are only some of the signs and symptoms.

Overachievers are uniquely poised to develop autoimmune issues. Our incessant need to be always on, always be great, always excel, excel, excel means we always outrun our own health. We trade our need for sleep, relationships, and nutrition for convenience and illness. 

​If you're struggling to know what's ailing you, listen to The BS We Feed Ourselves podcast to start shedding some light. 

Hi, I'm Shawna, your host


Everything was going swimmingly in my professional life until my health took a nose-dive.

I discovered that I had multiple autoimmune issues that had been lurking for over a decade. Doctors and specialists had been overlooking or misdiagnosing them. And furthermore, most of them had been unknowingly self-induced. I did some deep research and, eventually, I learned how to get my health back on track naturally. But why was it so difficult, and why didn’t any of those doctors know how to help?

Then I had an a-ha moment: this was actually a marketing issue! Not enough people know about or understand autoimmune issues. After I hit rock bottom, I bounced back with a mission: to create mass awareness around the BS we feed ourselves and its effects. How our negative thoughts, actions, and the food we eat are making us sick, and what we can do to overcome it in order to lead happy and healthy lives.

I hope you'll join me.

"Fascinating and Informative. Shawna tells it like it is, and shines a lite on a little-known epidemic!"

#BSWFO podcast review

"If you’re a Type A go-getter who’s starting to grapple with some unusual health issues or just feeling burnt out, give this podcast a listen. Shawna connects seemingly disparate dots between issues regarding health, working style and drive, and the internal thoughts and external foods we feed ourselves. These elements can nourish us or tear us down. Her knowledge is borne out of her own journey with, and recovery of, her health. Lastly, her authenticity, curiosity, and search for insights are a delight to listen to for anyone of like mind."

Paperless Bride
#BSWFO podcast review

"Shawna has a way of dialing down the way we are racing through life and the negative effects it can have on us. Lots of us feel “off” at times and have no sense of where and how to check in with our minds and bodies. The experts are fantastic! I am thinking a lot more about the foods I eat now and feeling better from listening to the podcast."

#BSWFO podcast review

"I appreciate the way the information is delivered in a open space and real life scenerios. Great speakers so far. Can’t wait for the next episode."

#BSWFO podcast review

"Listen now!! Best way to spend some time focusing on what matters — your health."

Liberty L
#BSWFO podcast review

The BS We Feed Ourselves


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