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podcast resources Feb 11, 2020

The benefit of hosting a health and wellness podcast is that a fair number of our guests have best-selling books and award-winning programs, as well as their own recommendations. 

I’ve had a number of requests from listeners for the websites and discount codes offered to date, so I’ve put that all in this handy post. There’s a lot in here, so take a few minutes to scroll through and bookmark it for later. 


PS: Have a question about a particular book, event, or product? Just email me and ask away!



Paleo f(x) 2020 Conference (Join me: I’ll be speaking there!)
An alternative health and wellness conference focused on healing yourself and creating a positive change in the world. April 24-26th, Austin, Texas
Use code BSPFX35 for an exclusive 35% off! 



  • How to Raise an Adult, Julie Lythcott-Haims
    How to let go of too much parenting (it’s good for both you and them!)



  • Priya Apotheca
    water-soluble CBD Skin Care line (I personally swear by this line, I've been using it religiously for 6 months)

  • Bonafide Provisions Bone Broth
    Delicious ready-made bone broth delivered to your door
    (Use code “thebswefeedourselves” for 20% off site-wide)

  • Max Gen Labs
    A quick, easy cheek swab can tell you heaps about your body and how it processes food breaks down fat and your propensity for certain diseases.
    (Use code “thebswefeedourselves” for 15% off site-wide)

  • DNA RX Supplements
    Clean, well-made supplements to support your body. 
    (Use code “thebswefeedourselves” for 15% off site-wide)

  • Emily McDowell & Friends
    When I don’t know quite what to say I like to send an Emily card instead. She’s already done the work for us.
    (Use code “BS20” for 20% off the entire store) 

  • Gabrielle lipstick
    My go-to daily shade that’s free of junk you don’t want in or on your body. Plus, it looks and feels luscious.



  • Vital Proteins Collagen
    I put a scoop of this in my coffee or tea daily. Great for the gut-barrier as well as supporting eyes, hair, nails and skin! Plus a scoop is about 10g of protein!

  • Sea Weed Strips - Sea Snax
    My go-to snack when I’m traveling and craving chips. Part of my recovery routine for when I have a big day being “on.”

  • Plantain Chips
    Another fun, crispy snack that’s perfect for dipping and grabbing on-the-go. (Watch out for fried plantains versus roasted; fried in vegetable oils are high in omega 6’s, fried in coconut oils are slightly lower. Roasted is best — Trader Joe’s carries a tasty roasted version.)

  • Roasted Dandelion tea
    My daily detox tea in the morning and afternoon (caveats: only the roasted is tasty to me and it’s a diuretic, so don’t drink it before bedtime!)

  • Zen Green tea
    Bio-flavinoids! I’m not a huge lover of bitter teas, so I like this Zen tea that has a bit of mint tea to balance it out. 


  1. V Capaldi, Paleo Boss Lady

  2. Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, The Paleo Mom

  3. Gwen Dittmar, Breath Coach
    1. Gene Keys Website
    2. Sober Curious Facebook Group

  4. Philip Folsom, Wolf Tribe
    1. King 4 Men, So Cal Men's Group

  5. David Nurse

  6. Max Gen Labs

  7. Karden Rabin

  8. Natalie Kelley

  9. Dr. Gretchen Hawley

  10. Keto Chef Max

  11. Emily McDowell

  12. Gary Ware

  13. Paleo f(x)

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