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What Hair Loss and Feminism Have in Common

podcast Feb 13, 2020


 “What Hair Loss and Feminism Have in Common”

with Britt Reuter, Nutrition and Functional Medicine Expert


In today’s episode, we have a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Business Owner and author of eBook “Girl’s Guide to Reversing Hair Loss”:  Britt Reuter. 

She shares what hair loss and being a feminist have in common. 

Britt’s personal experience with chronic inflammation as well as her formal training in nutrition and functional medicine have led her to help and empower women. Her goal is to help women overcome symptoms they feel stuck with so they can get back to living their best life.


What We Learn: 

02:27 Britt’s Story 

03:32 Explanation of Hashimotos and Graves Disease

04:54 Non-experts on social media

07:53 How do you look for a hidden infection? 

10:57 What's your hair loss type QUIZ info? 

11:12 Ebook: Girls Guide to Reversing Hair Loss

18:20 Britt's thoughts on patriarchal standards of beauty

19:17 Overtraining and undereating is a classified issue. 

19:46 I've been on a diet since I was 14-years-old. - Shawna 

19:59 “So much of our economy is making women feel like crap about themselves.” 

27:39 Can people regrow their hair or make it thicker again? 

30:19 Grace McCalmon mention

30:54 Keto and hair loss

31:55 personality types and autoimmune issues

35:20 Britt's struggles

36:22 Childhood trauma and how it influences autoimmune

39:46 When your values are clear your decisions are easy. 

41:50 “PTSD doesn't always happen because you saw something violent happen one time, sometimes it's a series of things that make you feel traumatized over time. And, that's more my story.” - Britt  

45:19 “Something I have to tell myself constantly as a female entrepreneur is that my worth is not directly linked to my productivity.” - Britt 

47:03 The BS Britt was feeding herself: Self-loathing because of what her body had done to her.

47:39 “Having a fear motivated protocol isn't really going to allow you to achieve the level of wellness you want.” - Britt

54:57 Be Your Own Advocate - Shawna


Links Mentioned: 

URL: www.brittreuter.com 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nutritionbritt

Instagram: www.instagram.com/nutritionbritt


Free Gift Options: 

“What’s Your Hair Loss Type?” Healthy hair starts here! Learn Your Hair Loss Type by Taking This Free Quiz ->  https://mailchi.mp/brittreuter/hair_loss_type

“Girl’s Guide to Dry Shampoo”. Learn how many of the commercial brands are damaging to your hair and get my top clean-beauty picks for what to use instead. https://mailchi.mp/brittreuter/dry_shampoo


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