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On Death and Being Superhuman: Remembering Kobe Bryant

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2020

The news of Kobe’s death is reverberating all around us. We are in shock and disbelief that someone we know, recognize, admire, and honor is gone. 

And regardless of any mixed feelings about him, it cannot be denied he was a great, great athlete. He also gave his time, money, and talents to support others in need. 

Why does a death like this affect us so much?

When someone accomplishes as much as Kobe, they achieve another status. Some call it celebrity. Others call it being superhuman. And superhumans don’t die in everyday accidents. 

I happen to live two miles from the crash site. All-day and evening we heard and saw helicopters circling. It was upsetting to know that they were circling to feed the TV news sensationalism of it all. But then it dawned on me — people needed to see that this is real because there’s disbelief that someone so special, someone almost other-worldly, could be mortal. 

What made Kobe superhuman was that he showed up every day. Consistently. He pushed the boundaries of what expected of a man and an athlete. He had no excuses. He believed in himself and his abilities fully. He showed us what it is to achieve something greater than himself. 

We look up to those who have pushed past their comfort zones. They show us that with dedication, determination, and showing up every day—not kind-of, sort-of, half-assed, but in a big, bold way—can pay off. 

We all know that getting home safely or seeing our loved ones tomorrow is not a guarantee. And sometimes we get a reminder of that as a collective society. 

Let this be our reminder to take care of ourselves, our families — but also to push aside any excuses and boundaries that come up in our mental periphery and strive to be the very best versions of ourselves, today. 


With love and grace,

Please share with me how you feel about Kobe's death. I'm so very interested to hear your thoughts and feelings, just hit reply. 

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