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I share what I know about entrepreneurship, being a woman in business, about healing and treating yourself right. That it’s OK to be both a wreck and on a road of recovery and discovery. 

What Hair Loss and Feminism Have in Common


 “What Hair Loss and Feminism Have in Common”

with Britt Reuter, Nutrition and Functional Medicine Expert


In today’s episode, we have a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Business Owner and author of eBook “Girl’s Guide to Reversing Hair Loss”:  Britt Reuter. 

She shares what hair loss and being a feminist have in common. 

Britt’s personal experience with chronic inflammation as well as her formal training in nutrition and functional medicine have led her to help and empower women. Her goal is to help women overcome symptoms they feel stuck with so they can get back to living their best life.


What We Learn: 

02:27 Britt’s Story 

03:32 Explanation of Hashimotos and Graves Disease

04:54 Non-experts on social media

07:53 How do you look for a hidden infection? 

10:57 What's your hair loss type QUIZ info? 

11:12 Ebook: Girls Guide to Reversing Hair Loss

18:20 Britt's...

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Links you'll love ❤️(Podcast round up)

The benefit of hosting a health and wellness podcast is that a fair number of our guests have best-selling books and award-winning programs, as well as their own recommendations. 

I’ve had a number of requests from listeners for the websites and discount codes offered to date, so I’ve put that all in this handy post. There’s a lot in here, so take a few minutes to scroll through and bookmark it for later. 


PS: Have a question about a particular book, event, or product? Just email me and ask away!



Paleo f(x) 2020 Conference (Join me: I’ll be speaking there!)
An alternative health and wellness conference focused on healing yourself and creating a positive change in the world. April 24-26th, Austin, Texas
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  • How to Raise an Adult, Julie Lythcott-Haims
    How to let go of too much parenting (it’s good for both you and them!)
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On Death and Being Superhuman: Remembering Kobe Bryant


The news of Kobe’s death is reverberating all around us. We are in shock and disbelief that someone we know, recognize, admire, and honor is gone. 

And regardless of any mixed feelings about him, it cannot be denied he was a great, great athlete. He also gave his time, money, and talents to support others in need. 

Why does a death like this affect us so much?

When someone accomplishes as much as Kobe, they achieve another status. Some call it celebrity. Others call it being superhuman. And superhumans don’t die in everyday accidents. 

I happen to live two miles from the crash site. All-day and evening we heard and saw helicopters circling. It was upsetting to know that they were circling to feed the TV news sensationalism of it all. But then it dawned on me — people needed to see that this is real because there’s disbelief that someone so special, someone almost other-worldly, could be mortal. 

What made Kobe superhuman was that he showed...

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Ep 15: The hardest thing about Keto is cooking! (How-To Guide)


Professional chef Max Mentzer found a way to balance his hormones easily, lose weight and maintain it—all while managing his Type 1 Diabetes—with the ketogenic diet! His lifestyle change helped him gain incredible amounts of focus and energy and is now helping others do the same. In this New Year’s episode Shawna and “Keto Chef Max” dive into actionable tips on how you can “go keto on a budget,” “make time to cook for yourself,” and provide some keto hacks! 

What We Learn: 

01:12 "Born with Type 1 Diabetes" learning how to manage

04:11 What culinary school taught Max about nutritious cooking

06:00 Signs of diabetes in babies

10:36 The difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

11:49 “My food is geared toward the lifestyle I want to live” - Keto Chef Max

11:58 “Keto not only works for managing my diabetes, but it also helps me live the lifestyle I want to live.”

12:59 Keto cooking hacks: The...

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Ep 14: What I Learned: "Keeping Your Hormones Healthy"

3 days at an endocrine seminar had me rethinking what I knew about the body and how it all works together. In this episode, I cover hormone balancing tips the role of blood sugar regulation, the importance of fish oil, detoxing the liver and why you need a good gut microbiome.

If you’re someone who has always performed at a very high level but suddenly find yourself struggling, it may be your hormones. I spent a weekend at a workshop which really taught me a lot about it. This is something that I always took for granted, but after making a few small changes to my lifestyle have seen amazing results!  In this episode, I’ll share 4 important things I learned that are helping me perform at my peak...and perhaps they’ll help you as well. 


What We Learn: 

00:29 - The Endocrine System, an explanation

02:02 - These 4 things really help people. 

  1. Blood sugar regulation (oxygen in the blood) 
  2. Fish oil
  3. Detoxing the liver 
  4. Good gut...
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Ep 13: Are you exercising wrong? MS Doctor shares techniques


Dr. Gretchen Hawley, a physical therapist and MS specialist shares the importance of exercise for improved mental performance and physical movement as well as helping people with autoimmune diseases gain hope and live life confidently! She’s also the founder of The MSing Link.


What We Learn: 

03:55 Start at "So, let's talk about the importance of movement" 

05:25 “The Mental Component of Physical Exercise”

07:39 THE BS Shawna feeds herself about "EXERCISE" 

08:38 What if I go to the gym and people look at me because I'm doing an exercise wrong? 

09:44 Wearing the same shirt 2 days in a row! 

13:48 How did you get into MS specialty? 

16:00 “Foot Drop” - Symptom and suggested solution 

17:06 How Exercise can slow the progression of MS

18:02 "As much as it's comfortable to sit and binge on Netflix all day, our bodies are made to move. So, when you get them moving there's blood flow, there's oxygen...

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Ep 12: Why Feeling UNSAFE is Damaging Your Health with Karden Rabin

Last year I met Karden Rabin, a health and wellness expert, teacher, and fellow entrepreneur. I had an instant connection with him. I didn't know how or on what, but I knew I wanted to work with him in the future. 

In this latest podcast, Karden joins me to talk turkey on how we unknowingly damage our health when we react to stressful or threatening situations. He opens up about the illness he struggled with through his youth and how he learned to be an agent of healthy change in his life. He specializes in bodywork, therapeutic massage, and mindfulness training. And he's a super low-key smarty-pants. 

I think you're going to like this one!
Ep 12: Why Feeling Unsafe is Damaging Your Health


Karden Rabin, a health and wellness expert, teacher and entrepreneur. In this episode, he shares how we unknowingly damage our health when we react to stressful or threatening situations. He opens up about the illness he struggled with through his youth and how he...

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Ep 11: Natalie Kelley: How Ulcerative Colitis Contributed to her Business Success


Natalie Kelley is a holistic health coach, recipe developer, and businesswoman. She’s also the host of the Thrive with IBD podcast. She’s experienced scary and painful moments due to her chronic illness: ulcerative colitis. In this episode, she opens up about how bloat and fatigue plagued her life and how she used to just pass it off as stress. Now, she’s found a way to turn her pain into purpose and is helping others with chronic illnesses like IBD thrive, and she’s just 23 years old.

What We Learn:

00:00:01:31 - Natalie explains what Ulcerative Colitis is

00:00:03:59 - I landed in the hospital.

00:00:06:40 - "I thought I'd never feel better" 

00:00:08:34 - How to run a business with a sickness

00:00:23:18 - How to plan for 60 mins of "you time" daily!

00:00:26:03 - "I know for a while I was so resistant to that change because, in my head, I was like no. That's not my plan, this is my plan. This is what my blog has been about for 4 years, how...

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Ep 10: How To Have Difficult Conversations in Business


If you’re an entrepreneur, a new business owner or an ambitious, driven person, you will have to have difficult conversations. Conversations about money, letting people go, choosing what’s the best way to move forward for your business which may mean some career partnerships aren’t going to last, hey, some personal relationships may not last.

You may start to beat yourself up over figuring out the right thing to say and how to have those difficult conversations. You may be afraid of being mean, a number of people I’ve consulted struggle with this. I’m here to tell you there is no “mean” in business. 

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Ep 09: “Confessions of an Overweight Doctor” Why DNA Matters (Part2)


Summary: How to diet based on your genes in part 2 of this interview of the interview with Dr. Hailey Heard and Dr. Megan Arnold, cofounders at MaxGen Labs. In this episode, they share how some popular diets, like going Keto, may be hurting you more than helping you. They also share how you can take control of your life and health with more knowledge about your genes.

How to Listen: Stay up-to-date on the latest episodes by subscribing on iTunes. You can also find us on Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and more.


What We Discuss: 

00:30:17:16 - Do you have lectin resistance? 

00:30:24:24 - "With Genes, we can really pinpoint what your idea eating situation should be and we've tried to ...so many different variables with genes...so we've tried to create an algorithm that gives you the basic and most important information to implement in your lifestyle, with action steps. 

00:31:09:12 - Should you focus more on marathon training or...

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